Suicidal Ideation


Acrylic on canvas

122 x 1530cm


More Information

Suicidal ideation is based on a profound sense of loss and grief, it is bought on by the need to grieve, but sometimes the grief has nowhere to go, this is when the crisis begins, that plus the plight of people with compounded grief and loss episodes.   One loss after the other without the time to heal brings about a deep sense of despair, the feeling of no way out and nowhere to go.  For those who see suicide as an option, they feel a sense of hopelessness, helplessness and Despair. A sense that no one will understand, nor care about them. The important part of this process of healing is to provide options to suicide and a strategy of survival. The bottom of the painting is about the chaos and suicidal thoughts as a means to an end.  The top of the painting is the healing process and the ability to plan and accomplish a strategy to survive, as a survivor not a victim.  It is also the symbol of accepting grief and loss, it is also about giving yourself permission to move on.

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